Nursery Care

We are able to offer both full and part-time places as well as morning or afternoon sessions. Parents can choose separate days and sessions to suit their needs. However, we ask that children under 2 years attend for a minimum of two full days per week and children over 2 years attend a minimum of two sessions per week.

Learning & Play

We believe that to learn effectively, children should have fun and be given play opportunities which are varied and stimulating. Throughout life, people learn best from first hand experiences and we endeavour to support children to develop new skills through practical activities, exploring, observing and touching.

We recognise that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates, and that all areas of learning are equally important and inter-connected. Furthermore, we understand that it is paramount that the nursery provide a safe, secure, caring base where babies and young children can build positive relationships and make friends.
We base our nursery on the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) these are: A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments, Learning and Development.

Every room has its own range of toys and play equipment, which have been carefully selected to meet the developing needs of each age group. We wish to draw on the diverse cultural and social backgrounds of all our children and their families and aim to reflect this in our resources.

We believe in the importance of explorative play and the use of natural materials. Children will be encouraged to play with water, dig in the mud, wrap up well on a cold day and go out for walks.

Parents as Partners

The nursery wishes to have relaxed, effective communication with parents; a two way flow of information, knowledge and ideas to support the care and learning experience of every child. We recognise that parents are the child’s first and most enduring educators. 

Parents are always welcome in the nursery, not only during your child is settling in, but to experience the many aspects of nursery life. For example to share teatime with us, to celebrate festivals, to play in the garden.

Every child attending the nursery will have a key person. This is a member of staff who has special responsibility to help your child settle in and over time build a secure, positive relationship. A role of the key person is to liaise with parents to ensure their child is being cared for appropriately. The key person and parents work together to develop a unique record of your child’s development and learning.


The nursery will provide balanced, nutritious meals for the children. Our menus are based on seasonal produce and are planned to offer a variety of foods. All meals are freshly prepared on the premises by the nursery cook, who follows guidelines set out by the Food Standards Agency to ensure high standards in food preparation.

The nursery will ensure that children’s medical and personal dietary requirements are respected and are happy to cater for special dietary needs and food allergies.

Water is freely available throughout the day; we serve whole milk and diluted fruit juice with meals & snacks. Parents are required to provide breast or formula milk for babies having bottles.

When parents are ready we are happy to support them in weaning their baby. Babies will be introduced to small amounts of pureed vegetables, fruit or cereal and progress on to thicker purees, mashed and finger foods when ready. New flavours and textures will be gradually introduced until the baby is able to manage the nursery menu.

We have a food policy which gives greater detail about our approach to food and nutrition.