Across Lemongrove Nursery, we offer extra-curricular activities for our children to join in with. See below the activities we have an offer and a little description about them.

Michael the music man

On Wednesday mornings, we welcome Michael the music man into the nursery. Michael brings along his guitar, suitcase of instruments and a special guest on his visit, engaging the children in a music session with lots of singing, dancing, and playing instruments. This session is for our Baby bumbles room and Honeybees’ Toddler room. During the session, the staff support the children in interacting with the music, helping those to use shakers, strum a guitar or bang on drums. Michael sings a range of songs, some of those which are known featuring the Lion King, as well as his own songs such as ‘Mrs Bunny’.

Take a look at the lyrics below to his most favourite song:

Mrs Bunny looks funny when she wriggles her nose,
Mrs Bunny looks funny when she tickles her toes,
She has two floppy ears, two big feet,
Mrs Bunny thinks she so sweet,

Mrs Bunny stretches,
Mrs Bunny flops,
Mrs Bunny hops, and hops and hops
and Mrs Bunny hops and stops!


Every week our Honeybees’ Toddler Room take part in cooking activities. Activities involving cooking and baking help to develop and enhance 4 different area’s of learning. These are Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language, Physical Development and Understand the world. Within these areas and throughout the duration of the activity, the children are developing their sharing and turn taking skills, language, listening, attention and understanding directions, learning to use gross motor movements when stirring and mixing as well as being able to reflect on past experiences at home and share these with peers.

Take a look at some of the bakes Toddlers have been making!

– Brownies
– Cupcakes
– Bread rolls
– Gingerbread men
– Pizza’s
– Chocolate chip muffins
– Chocolate chip cookies

Please note all recipes are taken from BBC good food and can be adapted to ensure allergies / preferences are catered for.


ProStars is an extra activity for children in our Honeybees’ Toddler Room and Busy bees’ Preschool, that attend Thursday mornings. This activity has an additional cost of £21 for 6 sessions. The session lasts for 1 hour.

Who are ProStars?

“ProStars have been delivering an early development service at School/Day Nurseries, Pre-schools, and Children Centres for 0 to 5 years since 2007, with courses focused not just on a physical level but on a technical, social, and psychological level too.”

ProStars helps to develop children’s physical and social development, teaching them a set of skills that can be taken with them into their learning and development. It is also a great way to use that energy all children have and focus it onto physical activities, keeping a healthy wellbeing.

Please use their website to find out more information:

If your child attends a Thursday morning and you would like them to take part, please inform a member of staff. A consent form will need to be completed, allowing your child to join in for a taster session. Upon reflection on their first session, payments can be made directly to ProStars for the upcoming sessions.

We also hold an annual sports day event for our ProStar children. Meeting at Norman Park, next to Lemongrove Nursery, the children participate in a group of races that have been previously taught in their ProStars session. Ranging from egg and spoon races, sack races and parent races. Everyone has lots of fun!