Busy Bees’ – Pre-School Room
36+ months old
18room size

In Busy Bees’ we realise the importance of play as part of children’s learning – it is their investigative tool. Our Busy Bees’ room can accommodate 18 children. Our staff work with the children to enable them to learn the skills needed to ask questions and develop the skills to be able to seek the answers independently. The adult ratio is 1:8 and every child has both a primary and secondary key person. Our Busy Bees’ room encourages this investigation through a wide range of learning areas such as the Role play area, Mathematical and Literacy resources where the children learn to form processes and the language to express themselves along with small world resources where the children can transport themselves into imaginary worlds.

Busy Bees’ is led by our Room Leader; Georgeta Apetrei

Within our Busy Bees’ Room there is a large area for creativity to be built and improved upon. Our Busy Bees’ daily routine, prepares the children for school, developing and enhancing their phonetic alphabet as well as writing areas to begin and improve handwriting skills. In addition to the curriculum, our Busy Bees’ also take part in a reading scheme to encourage their love of reading and begin to link sounds to words. Busy Bees’ also have the option to participate in our Specialist Sport Sessions, Spanish classes and Yoga. Garden time is a fun area to explore in with many activities on offer including our great ‘Mud Kitchen' where an abundance of imaginative recipes are concocted – from mud cakes to fairy soup. Staff follow the children extending and challenging their play/experiences by injecting new language, questioning and offering choices that will enhance their play. Our aim for Busy Bees’ is for the children to develop the skills to be able to research, test and adapt their own ideas and to develop resilience. This will ensure they have solid foundations on which to build their future learning experiences.

Prior to joining our Busy Bees’ family, our room leader will arrange settling in sessions for both child and parent to attend. Every child has 3 sessions and the purpose of these are to get to know our new family, likes and dislikes and any other useful information. On the day of the first session, we welcome our families and introduce the team and your child’s key person. This is a perfect time for parent and child to engage in the set activities, circle time or phonetics’ class provided and ask any questions. The second session involves the parent to complete the admission pack. Once the child is settled, our parents will be taken into another room to complete the necessary paperwork. To complete the third and final session, we ask for the child to be left in the care of those in the Busy Bees’ Room for a short amount of time.

We look forward to welcoming you to our classroom.

Click to read our booklet on the life of our toddlers in Busy Bees Room.