Honey Bees’ – Toddler Room
24-36 months old
18room size

In Honey Bees’ we pride ourselves on our standard of care, opportunities for learning and above all fun. Our Honey Bees’ room can accommodate 18 children. Learning through play is very important, whether it is through painting, imaginative games, construction, books, cooking or outside and messy play. We have an adult ratio 1:4 and every child has both a primary and secondary key person. The children can freely choose the activities they would like to engage in and have access to a wide variety of resources. Our Nursery garden is on the doorstep of Honey Bees’ where the children explore and experiment with a variety of construction, grow and learn to care for their own fruit and vegetables and explore our custom built Mud Kitchen. 

Honey Bees’ is led by Charlotte Taylor

Within our Honey Bees’ room there are areas for mark making, imaginative role play, numeracy and IT, plus a quiet area used for reading and rest times. In addition, the children have regular opportunities for specialist sport sessions, Music sessions and Spanish classes. All the children are encouraged to develop their independence both in their learning and self-care. Whether it be developing their language skills or independently using the toilet we support and nurture every child to ensure they can develop and grow at a pace that is right for them. We encourage the development of toilet training, working alongside our parents to ensure consistency both at home and at nursery. 

Prior to joining our Honey Bees’ family, our room leader will arrange settling in sessions for both child and parent to attend. Every child has 3 sessions and the purpose of these are to get to know our new family, likes and dislikes and any other useful information. On the day of the first session, we welcome our families and introduce the team and your child’s key person. This is a perfect time for parent and child to engage in the set activities, water or sand tray provided and ask any questions. The second session involves the parent to complete the admission pack. Once the child is settled, our parents will be taken into another room to complete the necessary paperwork. To complete the third and final session, we ask for the child to be left in the care of those in the Honey Bees’ Room for a short amount of time. This will help the child to transition and begin to create bonds with members of the team.

Click to read our booklet on the life of our toddlers in Honey Bees Room.