Our kitchen has been purpose-built for the nursery. We cater for all dietary requirements whether it is for religious & cultural, preference or medical reasons. Our kitchen is managed by a well qualified chef, who has many years experience in the catering profession. We provide breakfast, lunch and tea as well as mid-morning and afternoon snack.

All meals are freshly prepared and wherever possible we use local suppliers including Hayes Farm. We offer a varied breakfast menu, for example homemade porridge, hard boiled eggs, baked beans with toast or a selection of cereals. Lunch is always a hot meal & dessert e.g. chicken & broccoli pie, green beans & sweetcorn, fresh fruit salad & yogurt. Tea is also two courses, which may include wholemeal sandwiches, crackers with savory toppings, fresh fruit, dried fruit, homemade cakes or biscuits. Water is freely available for the children to drink in the rooms & the garden at all times.

We have a four week rotating menu ensuring variety. This is changed three times per year to suit the seasons and produce available. Parents are positively encouraged and welcome to discuss any dietary issues with our chef as well as the nursery staff. We require all parents to complete a dietary preference record for their child.

Meal times are seen as an opportunity for learning. Staff sit with the children during meals & snack times using it as an opportunity to have a chat, encourage table manners and to develop the children’s’ social skills, e.g. sharing, taking turns and good listening. The older children have the opportunity to serve themselves and to clear away after food. We have a purpose-built milk kitchen located in the baby room. This is for the preparation of bottle feeds, snacks and meals required for the babies. All baby room staff are fully aware of the needs & individual requirements of the babies and prepare bottles & baby food using strict hygiene rules.

Lemongrove Nursery was awarded a five star rating for a routine inspection by Bromley Council Environmental Health & Licensing Division May 2018. The inspection, called ‘Scores on the doors’ is the number one national food hygiene scheme to find the official local hygiene rating for food businesses. The scheme is to ensure that the food we supply is safe to eat and that we comply with food safety legislation. This scheme allows the public to view the latest assessment of the food hygiene standards made by officers following their inspections. The score is in the form of a star rating, ranging from five to zero. Five stars show excellent in house standards & practice, falling to zero stars which indicates major improvements are required.


Please note our menus are rotated on a four weekly cycle and changed termly to incorporate fresh seasonal produce. To find out where the current week falls please check our parents notice board.

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