Jasmine Robinson

Jasmine Robinson

Acting Senior Practitioner for Honey Bees

Hello, my name is Jassie, and I am proud to be the Acting Senior Practitioner in our HoneyBees’ Room.

What is my vision of an enabling environment?

  • Children to be confident and promote children’s independence and their ability to make decisions
  • Supporting children’s development in every area of learning whilst taking into consideration their individual needs
  • Positive relationships between staff and children, so children can have the confidence to share and express their feelings
  • Environment where children can explore freely and safely and activities where they can be challenged and have fun whilst learning
  • Environment that is welcoming, stimulating, and safe

Extra curricula activities

In our Toddler Room we have a range of extra curricula activities!

On a Monday morning we have a Yoga teacher who visits the nursery. I believe that this is important for children as this can improve focus, self-esteem and can keep our toddlers calm in a relaxed environment. On a Wednesday we have a special visit from Michael, the Music Man. Music plays an essential part in child development as it helps the body and mind work together. Dancing to music helps children build their motor skills while allowing them to also focus on their language through singing.

Our Prostars football sessions covers all three prime areas including personal, social, and emotional, communication and language and physical development. This encourages children to work as a team, developing gross motor skills and coordination, focus and attention as well as creative imagination i.e., pretending to be animals.