Kelly Broad

Kelly Broad

Senior Practitioner for Honey Bees (Acting)


My name is Kelly.

I am the Senior Practitioner of our Toddler Room; Honey Bees’.

My career started at Bromley College to study NVQ Level 2 in Childcare. Throughout my time studying, I experienced many different settings and age groups. My first placement was in a Primary School and it is there where I discovered my new career path.

On completion of my Level 2, I was offered my first job in a Pre-School. I learnt how to develop my practice and how the importance of routine positively affect children's development. Throughout the years, I explored other childcare settings. This helped to broaden my mind, enhance my practice and learn about the differences and similarities between settings. My knowledge of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) grew, as did my confidence.

I joined Lemongrove Nursery in September 2016. I have had the pleasure of working with all the different age groups and thoroughly enjoyed each room and the characteristics which each age group holds. From Babies needing reassurance and comfort, Toddlers developing their personalities and independence to Preschoolers who learn and prepare new skills for their next adventure. It has all been great!

I most enjoy watching the children learn and grow as they transition through the nursery, knowing I have had some input in their development. My favourite activities include messy play. I love all malleable activities including painting, shaving foam, gloop, slime and many others. I understand that children learn best through sensory experiences and try to incorporate this throughout the day.

Working in our Toddler Room; Honey Bees’ as the Senior Practitioner, I reflect on my past experiences which I share with my staff members and the children. We are one big family in Honey Bees’ and ensure everyone is treated with respect and kindness always.