Megan Groves

Megan Groves

Deputy Childcare Manager

Welcome to all our new and existing families.

My name is Megan Groves and I am the Deputy Childcare Manager for Lemongrove Nursery.

I have 7 years’ experience working with children and I love every bit of it!

My journey started as a student at Bromley College where I studied my Level 3 and CYPW in Childcare. Throughout this time, I learnt many things which I was able to apply whilst on my student placements during my 2 years of studying. Once my Level 3 came to an end, I decided to enrol at the University of Greenwich, where I completed my BA(Hons) in Early Years Education. As well as expanding my knowledge and seeing them implemented in my practice, I started my career in childcare. During my University degree, I began working in a local nursery part-time alongside studying which gave me an insight in the childcare sector and how Nursery’s operate. With my knowledge being challenged and wanting to offer more to the nursery, I decided to leave and join Lemongrove Nursery where my carer would be taken to the next level.

My role at Lemongrove was Room Leader for our Toddler Room. This was the first time I managed a small team and as I finished my degree, my confidence grew and sharing my knowledge to those around me made it all feel worthwhile. Spending 2 years in our Honey Bees’ Room made me confident in talking with parents, handling situations, acknowledge the importance of parent partnership and learning how to manage staff’s different learning styles. The opportunity for a position of Deputy Childcare Manager was available and I knew that I had the skills for the role. After being successful, I have now taken on the role and offer support to Gizem, our Childcare Manager, with daily jobs, talking and liaising with new and existing families, ensuring that their needs are met whilst still visiting the children throughout the day.

As Forest Gump says, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get’, Lemongrove Nursery is exactly that. Every day is unpredictable making it exciting, fun and delightful. All the staff and children are superb individuals to work with, making every day, a magical one.