Directors: Tracey and Peter Bradbury

The management team are made up of…

Business Manager: Tracey Bradbury
Childcare Manager: Gizem Karaoglan
Deputy Childcare Manager: Ceri Arkins
Lead Person for Safeguarding: Ceri Arkins

Room Leader for Baby Bumble Bees’: Carol Barnard
Room Leader for Honey Bees’: Chloe Kelly
Room Leader for Busy Bees’: Georgeta Apetrei (On Maternity)
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO): Georgeta Apetrei (On Maternity)

Senior Practitioner for Baby Bumble Bees’: Loraine Brookes
Senior Practitioner for Honey Bees’: Charlotte Taylor (On Maternity)
Acting Senior Practitioner for Honey Bees’: Jasmine Robinson

Senior Practitioner for Busy Bees’: Irina Marshall
Support person for SENDCO: Irina Marshall

Nursery Cook: Karen Wickens

Please refer to our staff board upon visiting to familiarise yourself with the Nursery Staff you may liaise with throughout the day

It feels like one close-knit family, and the level of care, attention and love each and every one of the team has given Sienna helped shape her into the happy and confident child she is today

Sally Symondson Potter