As Early years Educators, we know the importance of outings and visits and how this can impact, influence, and continually extend learning for children of all ages. This is why we ensure all the children in our care, from our youngest babies to our oldest pre-schoolers have the opportunity to experience the world around them.

Before an outing is planned, appropriate risk assessments are completed by the Room Leader, highlighting any risks and how to minimise these, child to staff ratio’s, medical needs, and special requirements. The ratio for an outing is heightened and therefore, more staff are required to ensure the safety of the children is maintained. Our parents are informed of the outing in advance, should there be any questions. All children wear high-vis tops and head counts are carried out throughout the trip.

The ratios for trips are as follows:
Under 3 years old, the ratio is 1 adult to 2 children
Over 3 years old, the ratio is 1 adult to 3 children

How do we get our babies out to experience outings? Not to worry, we have 2 double buggies to help our non-mobile babies enjoy their outing and extra staff members to supervise and encourage walking for our older babies.

Where do we go?

Lemongrove Nursery is perfectly situated next to Norman Park, Bromley. The open green space provides many outings for our children. From running fast through the fields, walking in the woods and splashing in muddy puddles, to reaching the play park at the end and climbing on the play equipment. The children also experience the different seasons, looking at fallen leaves and newly blossomed flowers. All our children are given the exposure of learning about the world around them, introducing them to different aspects of learning through nature.

Opposite Lemongrove Nursery you will find a row of shops in Chatterton Village. Our children visit the local shop to purchase goods for any baking activities and/or messy activities such as pumpkin gloop! During this outing, the children are learning and developing many skills. Road safety, handling money, listening and attention skills and being aware of the local community.

A short 10-minute walk away, you will find Southborough Library. With a Library card, Lemongrove Nursery has access to the vast range of different reading materials. Looking at topics and themes covered in the nursery, the children can begin to develop a love for reading, showing interest in illustrations and stories.

Bromley Town Centre provides many different experiences away from nursery life. Firstly, we all take the bus into town, sitting and looking outside the windows as the world goes by. From different noises, colours, and modes of transport, conversations flow with open-ended questions and curiosity. When arrived in Bromley, the children have different directions depending on the outing. Could it be a trip through the market to expose senses to the different sounds, sights, and smells? Or could it be a trip to the sand park to encourage the children to engage in free-play? The opportunities are endless.

Benefits of outings

There are many benefits of children going on nursery outings.

Outings can help children feel more rooted in their local community and make connections with the outside world.
Going on outings and visits can provide rich learning opportunities, including hands-on and interactive experiences, building on what the children are learning in the nursery (before, during and after the trip). By revisiting topics frequently and exposing this to children, they will begin to learn new vocabulary, skills, and knowledge.
Outings can also stimulate curiosity and inspire new interests as well as foster children’s social skills and self-confidence. Engaging children in new cultural experiences develops the skill of asking questions, understanding new information and building on vocabulary. Outings can help promote healthy living, for example by encouraging walking and an enjoyment of the natural environment, will have great benefits for a healthy body and mind.