At Lemongrove Nursery we strive to have an impeccable relationship with the families who use the setting. However, there will be some circumstances when  it may be necessary to exclude a child.

The Childcare Manager will be responsible for the administration of the exclusion policy, with support if necessary from the Business Manager.

Children may be excluded temporarily or permanently under the following circumstances:


The Nursery is obliged by law to follow the Health Protection Agency Criteria for Childcare Settings. This must be respected by all Parents.

  • If a child becomes poorly or shows signs of illness whilst at the nursery, staff will monitor the child closely and inform the Childcare Manager.
  • The child’s Parents will receive a courtesy call to inform them of the situation.  
  • Should the nursery feel a child is too ill to attend the nursery, the Parents will be contacted by the child’s Key Worker or Room Leader to discuss, and asked to make arrangements to collect their child.
  • If a Parent can not be contacted within the period of one hour, the child’s emergency contact numbers will be used. This will be in the order of priority as given by the Parent when completing the emergency contact form.
  • The child will not be permitted to return to the nursery until they are fully well, and where appropriate, have received clearance from a medical professional.
  • An illness log will be kept for each child.

Undesirable behaviour from children

It is our aim to be inclusive and to support every child in the setting. We will seek to work with Parents to highlight any undesirable behaviour and to engage with outside professionals, with Parental consent, to support the child.  Occasionally it may be necessary as a rare option to temporarily exclude a child. This may be if Parents fail to recognise their child’s continued undesirable behaviour, or to support the other children attending the nursery, to give a form of respite.

If a child is temporarily excluded fees will be suspended for the duration of the exclusion period. Permanent termination will be as a last resort, with the decision reached by both the Childcare Manager and the Business Manager. The Parent will receive one week written notice, issued by the Childcare Manager, informing of the child’s last day, the reasons explained, details of any fees due and the forfeiture of the deposit.

Unacceptable behaviour from Parents or adults linked to the child

The nursery has a policy for the behaviour of Parents and other adults visiting the nursery.

It is our wish that Parents and other adults conduct themselves in an appropriate way which is respectful to everyone. The nursery will not tolerate any form of rudeness, racism, discriminatory behaviour, any form of verbal or physical aggression.

Should an adult act in a way which is deemed inappropriate the matter will be reported to the Childcare Manager and a written log kept. The Parent will be invited to attend a meeting with the Childcare Manager and another senior member of staff ( Deputy Manager or Business Manager) to discuss the behaviour and why it is seen as inappropriate.

The nursery reserves the right to exclude a child or terminate their place at the nursery should the unacceptable behaviour persists.

The Parent will receive one week written notice, issued by the Childcare Manager, informing of the child’s last day, the reasons explained, details of any fees due and the forfeiture of the deposit.

Confidentiality within the setting and the use of Social Media

Confidentially must be withheld within the nursery by Parents, Carer and Visitors at all times.  Liable or slanderous comments in any form, posted on social media sites will be treated as serious and maybe subject to legal action.

Any  breach of confidentiality or slander may result in the termination of a child’s place.

Non-Payment of Nursery Fees

Fees are payable within a window from 27th of the current month to the 4th of the month fees are due. Fees are payable to advance. If after the 5th, when fees are recorded on to the I-Connect System, any non payments will incur a late fee.

Should there be continual late payment or non-payment of nursery fees, the nursery reserves the right to suspend childcare or in extreme circumstances to terminate the nursery place.

I have read, understood & accept the exclusion policy
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