The use of glass in food preparation areas or any area where open food is handled or displayed must be avoided. To this end Lemongrove Nursery will actively promote being a glass free zone.

The following precautions should be followed in the kitchen, Baby room milk kitchen and areas in the nursery where food is served:

  • The use of ordinary glass, porcelain and enamelware in food preparation areas should be avoided. Wherever possible use stainless steel or toughened plastic equivalents will be used.
  • Throughout the building children will use melamine crockery and beakers, plastic drinks bottles and suitable infant bottles.
  • Staff and visitors will be expected to use crockery and suitable plastic or metal water bottles. The use of glass containers for packed lunches etc. is prohibited.
  • Diffusers should be fitted to all fluorescent light tubes or these light fittings must be fitted with safety coated light strips.
  • Glass containers, glass mirrors and other glass must all be removed from food preparation areas (stainless steel or toughened plastic could be used instead). Other glass equipment or storage containers must be avoided where possible.
  • For events and celebrations disposable plastic cups and paper plates will be used.

In the event of any glass breakage it is important to ensure that:

  • Food preparation must stop where glass contamination is likely, and the Manager is notified.
  • All products adjacent to the breakage must be examined and in the event of possible contamination be discarded.
  • The glass/fragments must be carefully cleared up and transferred to a suitable container, i.e. a cardboard box marked “Broken Glass – Take Care”. This will then be placed immediately in the outside rubbish bin.
  • The area must then be wipe down very carefully with a damp cloth.This cloth is to discarded after use.
  • Protective clothing must be checked for glass splinters and changed if necessary.
  • The whole area following cleaning must be inspected carefully and only declared clear by the Manager.
  • A written record must be kept of all breakage incidents and this should include products contaminated (if any), date, time, place and actions taken.
This policy was adopted onSigned on behalf of the nurseryDate for review
5th November 20191st November 2020