EYFS: 3.9 – 3.13

At Lemongrove Nursery we aim to have a high quality staff team that act at all times in the best interests of children’s safety and welfare. To achieve this we have a range of policies to support the recruitment, development and retention of staff. The Management team will be supported by an external HR company, HR2HR Solutions Ltd.

The nursery’s policies in respect of personnel are governed by the following:

  • The best interests of the children, their welfare, safety, care and development
  • The requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • The needs of the children, including maintaining continuity of care
  • Compatibility between all members of staff and the building of a good team spirit
  • Consideration of the advancement of each member of staff both by internal and external training to help them achieve their maximum potential
  • Equal pay for work of equal value
  • Compliance with the current legislation including the principles of the Equality Act 2010 and all current legislation governing discrimination.

We will ensure:

  • The provision of a person specification and job description for every member of staff prior to an interview
  • All interviews will follow our recruitment procedures to ensure safe and fair and non-discriminatory recruitment occurs
  • Prior to commencement of employment, the successful applicant shall be provided with an offer letter (conditional on an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance and satisfactory references ) with the induction procedure and any details of other information relevant for their first day of work
  • The provision of a statement of terms and conditions and contract for every member of staff in employment (contract to be received by new employee within one month of commencement of employment)
  • New members of staff will be provided with copies of all the policies and procedures and we will ensure their understanding and adherence to these over an induction period
  • The nursery staff handbook will set out information all information regarding employment e.g sickness, disciplinary procedures, family leave etc.
  • Discrimination or harassment of any member of staff relating to sex, race, sexual orientation, gender, gender reassignment, age, religion or belief and disability will not be acceptable. This includes unwanted verbal or physical third party harassment by those not employed by the nursery.
  • All members of staff will receive on going supervision meetings with the Childcare Manager or Deputy Manager at least once a term.

This policy was adopted onSigned on behalf of the nurseryDate for review
6th September 2019
September 2020