At Lemongrove Nursery we recognise that certain employees such as young persons, new and expectant mothers, students on placement and persons with a disability may require special consideration.

Legal requirements

The nursery follows the legal requirements set out in The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 and the Equality Act 2010. Our Health and Safety Policy has regard to any employees requiring special consideration at the commencement of employment and during the course of it.

The following procedure is followed.


The Childcare Manager will:

  • Assess any employee requiring special consideration in conjunction with the individual on induction to the nursery or when their condition or disablement comes to light
  • Carry out any risk assessments relating to the occupation of such workers
  • Agrees with the worker any necessary special measures, such as training and supervision, arrangements, modifications and medical surveillance
  • Carry out further assessments and reviews at least annually, or when any changes to the special circumstances or environment occur


If you are disabled or become disabled, we encourage you to tell us about your condition so that we can consider what reasonable adjustments or support may be appropriate.

Part-time and fixed-term work

Part-time and fixed-term employees should be treated the same as comparable full-time or permanent employees and enjoy no less favourable terms and conditions (on a pro-rata basis where appropriate), unless different treatment is justified.

This policy was adopted onSigned on behalf of the nurseryDate for review
20th August 2019