Continuing Professional Development at Lemongrove Nursery

We recognise that even well qualified and experienced staff need continuous professional development. At Lemongrove we are proud to say we actively seek out many ways to offer the team the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and move with the times regarding changes in the world of Early Years.

Short Courses

There is a training budget and all staff have the opportunity to complete statutory training, e.g Safeguarding as well as training courses that will enhance their work with the children e.g. technology in the early years.

Courses available to the staff team include British Values, Prevent Duty, Paediatric First Aid, FMG awareness, Safeguarding, Basis Food Hygiene, the benefits of risky play, understanding autism, working with babies, and many more.

Most of the courses are provided by the NDNA online or Prevista and are certificated.

Professional Qualifications

Staff are encouraged to take on further training/long courses that will enhance their skills and professional knowledge, for example NVQ Level 3 in childcare, Leadership Training Level 3 & 5.

In House Training and Sharing

Occasionally we will hold a training meeting where a member of staff will cascade their knowledge to the rest of the team. This might be following attendance at an external training or after completing a piece of research.

Ongoing Supervision Sessions

All staff are required to participate in on-going supervision, this is held at least once a term with either Gizem, the Childcare Manager, or Megan, Deputy Childcare Manager. To make sure these sessions are meaningful, these individual sessions are planned for in advance.

Staff are requested to prepare by completing an in-depth form to reflect on their practice, including any difficulties or achievements they may have come across since the last session. The Room Leader will also complete a reflection on the staff’s working practices, which is shared with the individual member of the team.

Together the Manager and Staff will review gaps in their training and organise short courses etc to support continuous professional development. An example of this is FGM training, British Values, renewing Paediatric First Aid Certificate. 

It is at supervision sessions that the Manager will ask about ongoing suitability for working with children and staff are required to disclose any changes in their suitability or that of their immediate family.

As this is such an established part of our routine at Lemongrove, staff welcome supervision sessions to reflect on their practice and if necessary, seek support.

Structured Guidance One to One

This is a form of one to one high level guidance in the style of mentoring. It can run for a series of 2 / 4 / 6 weeks and is bespoke to the needs of the practitioner.  One to one guidance is one method of CPD used to support practitioners with essential areas for development and is available for all staff.

Opportunities with the Nursery

We strongly believe that staff grow in many ways and to support this the Childcare Manager will seek to delegate tasks throughout the team. This might be to organise an event such as a Picnic in the Park or Grandparents come and play sessions.

We also wish to develop an environment where staff are supported to ‘Act Up’ in a role e.g to cover periods of absence or maternity leave. This offers staff the opportunity to experience more responsibility in a secure and supported way and is a wonderful way to promote continuous professional development in practice.