EYFS: 3.20, 3.29

At Lemongrove Nursery we are committed to sharing good practice with those wishing to pursue a career in childcare. We welcome students to join our staff team and gain work experience within our nursery.

We will accept two students at a time as more students than this places undue pressure on staff. We do, however, accept Year 10 or 11 school students on Work Experience or occasional placements when research or studies are being carried out that will be of benefit to childcare.

We will only offer placements to students who are associated with a recognised child-related course, or on occasions, pupils from local secondary schools on work experience. We offer placements only after discussions with the appropriate tutors and the establishment of close links with the college, training provider or school.

We expect all students to visit the nursery for an interview, followed by their student induction and nursery tour. At this time, students will have the opportunity to read and discuss relevant health and safety policies in readiness for their first day.

Our policy for those on placements is as follows:

  • All students will have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before their placement begins ( this is usually provided by the college or school)
  • All students are assigned to a senior member of staff who will supervise their work and explain the health, safety and fire requirements of the nursery. Usually the Room Leader or Deputy Childcare Manager.
  • Students will be supervised at all times by the members of staff and will not be left alone with the children. They will only change nappies under supervision and if necessary for the completion of a unit of training.
  • Students will be supported to understand nursery policies and procedures
  • We require students to keep to our confidentiality policy
  • It is expected that during the student’s placement, their tutor will visit the nursery or have verbal communication with the Deputy Childcare Manager in their role as Student Co-ordinator to receive feedback about the student’s progress
  • Students will be offered support and guidance throughout their placement and given constructive, honest feedback in respect of their performance. Staff will respect individual students’ needs and abilities
  • An accurate evaluation of ability and performance for both students and training providers will be provided and the nursery will support students who are experiencing difficulties with action plans if needed
  • To maintain parent partnerships, parents will be informed when students are present in the nursery e.g. via the parent noticeboard. Wherever possible this will be accompanied by a recent photograph of the student
  • All students on placement must adhere to the same codes of conduct as permanent staff including time-keeping and dress codes
  • All students are encouraged to contribute fully to the nursery routine and to spend some time in every area. Also, to take part in any special events such as Picnic in the Park, Toddle Waddle, Parents Evenings and Celebrations.
  • In some cases, we may include students on long term placements (aged 17 and over) and staff working as apprentices in early education (aged 16 and over) in our staff: child ratios. This will be the discretion of the manager and only will only occur when the Childcare Manager and Business Manager are satisfied the student/apprentice is competent and responsible.
This policy was adopted onSigned on behalf of the nurseryDate for review
7th September 2019