As part of our commitment to keeping all children safe and healthy, Lemongrove Nursery will take steps to protect children, staff and students on placement from the dangers of exposure to the sun.

We acknowledge there is a link between skin cancer and UV radiation from the sun and understand if we protect ourselves we can reduce the risk to health. Although fair skinned people are more at risk from sun damage, sun protection is relevant to everyone.

To enable the nursery to develop an easy to use procedure, the nursery has based this policy on the SunSmart campaign.

The five key SunSmart cancer prevention messages are:

Stay in the shade 11am to 3pm

Make sure you never burn

Always cover up – wear a t-shirt a hat and sunglasses

Remember children burn more easily

Then use a factor 15+ sunscreen  or higher

From the start of the summer term:

Staff will engage with the children in age appropriate conversations about using sun cream and wearing a hat and sunglasses. Also, the effects of the sun and hot weather on our bodies.

Parents will be sent a letter explaining what we are doing about sun protection and how they can help and what to provide for their child’s day at nursery.

Staff will actively encourage all children to wear a hat (nursery hats will be available) and loose clothing to cover their bodies.

Staff will encourage all parents to apply sunscreen to their child before coming to the nursery. Parents will be asked to provide each child with their own clearly labelled sunscreen of at least factor 15.

Staff will be available to re-apply sunscreen to children as necessary throughout the day.

The sun shades will be reinstated in the nursery gardens from May each year.

The nursery gardens will be set up with activities from the beginning of the day. Baby room staff will set their garden. The staff from Honey Bees’ & Busy Bees’ rooms will  share the responsibility for the main garden.

Children will have the option of spending more time playing outside before 11am and after 3pm.

Outings and visits  will be planned to match the times above.

Drinking water will be readily available at all times. Staff should monitor and refill water bottles throughout the day.

Staff should be aware and actively promote whenever possible, free flow play. Children should have a choice and be able to make decisions about whether they prefer to play inside or out.

Consideration should be given to the fact that UV rays can still be harmful on breezy, windy or cloudy days, therefore these precautions will still be taken.

Members of the staff team and students on placement will be expected to dress appropriately and to take care of themselves in the sun. The nursery dress code is to be followed.

Room Leaders & Seniors will be responsible for the implementation of the sunsmart policy and to support the whole staff team to follow this procedure and the timetabling as stated above.