EYFS: 3.62

At Lemongrove Nursery we always aim to protect the children in our care. This includes making sure any visitors to the nursery are properly identified and supervised.

All visitors must sign the visitors’ book on arrival and departure. Where applicable, visitors’ identity should be checked, e.g. Ofsted inspectors or colleagues attending in a professional capacity, such as speech and language therapists. Visitors are informed of any relevant policies including the fire evacuation procedure and mobile phone, camera and other recording devices policy including use of smart watches where applicable.   

All visitors are given and should wear a visitor’s badge to identify themselves to staff and parents within the nursery.

A member of staff must always accompany visitors in the nursery while in the building; at no time should a visitor be left alone with a child unless under specific circumstances arranged previously with the Childcare Manager. (The only time this might possibly happen is with an outside professional).


  • Staff must check the identity of any visitors they do not recognise before allowing them into the main nursery.
  •  Visitors to the nursery must always be recorded in the Visitors’ Book and accompanied by a member of staff while in the building. The time in and the time out should be recorded by a member of staff and counter signed.
  • The record of Visitors will be the responsibility of the Childcare Manager and will be retained in accordance with the nursery retention policy.
  • Staff will accompany Visitors around the building, i.e. To show them to the nursery office or adult toilet
  • The external gates must always be kept closed.
  •  All internal doors and gates must be kept closed to ensure children are not able to wander
  • Parents, visitors and students are reminded not to hold doors open or allow entry to any person, whether they know this person or not. Staff within the nursery should be the only people allowing external visitors and parents entry to the nursery
  • All Visitors are required to adhere to the Nursery’s adult behaviour guidelines and Safeguarding policy. These are made available at the main door.
  • The nursery will under no circumstances tolerate any form of harassment from third parties, including visitors, towards others, including children, staff members and parents.
This policy was adopted onSigned on behalf of the nurseryDate for review
3rd September 2019

Issued September 2019, to be reviewed annually