It is our belief that policies and procedures should be clear, succinct and should always be evolving.

The nursery will review and revise our policies and procedures regularly to ensure they reflect good practice, meet any new legal requirements and support our nursery’s individual needs, for example opening hours. As such policies and procedures will be reviewed on a rolling, annual basis as a minimum. We will also revisit any policy or procedure when any significant changes occur, for example, when a child with specific needs registers at the nursery or a new piece of legislation becomes relevant.

We also review our procedures after any incident that requires the use of the procedure, e.g. after a heavy snowfall. This will ensure it works next time you encounter this event or incident.

Any changes made to our policies and procedures will be fed back to all staff and parents.

Communicating with staff

Staff inductions

When a new member of staff joins the nursery they will participate in an induction. Our induction process will be used as an opportunity for staff to learn about roles, responsibilities and the detail of procedures. Induction is an ongoing process for up to six weeks, during this time the staff member will be part of a buddy system and have regular meetings with the Childcare Manager. We believe that having a robust induction system for all new staff  will ensure that all new recruits are introduced to and supported in understanding our policies and procedures.

A full set of policies and procedures will be included in the staff handbook so they are easily available for staff. 

Students and volunteers should also have an understanding of the policies and procedures and have access to copies of them.

Existing staff

We want to ensure that all our staff  follow our policies and procedures, therefore, we will use regular slots in staff meetings and supervisions for policies and procedures.

We will involve staff in discussion of the implications of policies, for example, what will happen in the event of an accident or severe bad weather etc. In this way, a regulatory framework is established from the outset. Staff should be given the opportunity to ask questions to ensure they fully understand a policy and procedure. Our ethos is, no question is ever silly.

Furthermore, we will include our staff in the review process as we believe that if they are included in the production of a procedure they are more likely to understand it and implement it. 

Any changes made to policies and procedures will be communicated to staff and they will be given the opportunity to ask questions to ensure they fully understand the change and can implement it. Any new policies or documents will be circulated, with time given to each member of the team to read and then sign to indicate their acknowledgement and understanding. Room Leaders and Senior Practitioners have a key role to play to ensure everyone is understands our policies and procedures.

Communicating with parents

Parents will be informed about nursery policies and procedures when joining the nursery and kept up to date with any reviews and changes. Policies and procedures  will be available on the nursery website, included in our nursery information pack, discussed during the registration process and available freely in the nursery.

Whenever possible parents’ views will be sought during reviews of policies and procedures. Any changes will be communicated to parents through the most appropriate way e.g. notice boards, newsletters and parents’ evenings. If needed the nursery will endeavour to meet our parents and the local community, and provide copies of policies and procedures in large print and languages other than English as necessary.