“From the minute we viewed Lemongrove Nursery as a choice for our son we instantly loved it. All the staff were really lovely and polite and welcoming, and the nursery had a really nice feel to it. We liked the fact the baby room didn’t have too many babies in it at any given time. When our son started all the staff helped with settling him in and he soon got used to going and now reaches out for the ladies when we drop him off in the mornings and is all smiles which is lovely to see. We can already see an improvement in his development skills and seems to be learning and having fun at the same time. The app is really good to see how he is getting on in the day”.

Maree Barrett

“My son has developed in so many ways since attending Lemongrove Nursery. All the staff are approachable and professional, and the children respond well to them. The setting is lovely and bright, and the menu provided is excellent! I would definitely recommend this nursery to others”

Bianca Gordan

“Both our children absolutely thrive at Lemongrove. The staff are incredible with them and my children are so happy there. Everyone works hard to ensure the children are happy and safe. We love Lemongrove!”

Ruth Ashworth

“The staff at Lemongrove are loving and friendly. They made it incredibly easy to trust them to feel at ease leaving our son with them. Their genuine care and concern for our son’s wellbeing and welfare is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do!”

Nadia Egbuchiem

“After looking at several nurseries in the local area, Lemongrove stood head and shoulders above the rest. Lemongrove is a family run nursery with a real family feel. There is a low turnover of staff and children get used to seeing the familiar faces of the staff – which is key to settling in. I feel my child has developed considerably due to the time that the staff give each child. All the staff will be truly missed when my son moves on to ‘big school’.”

Darren Robinson

“Great nursery/pre-school. Frankie has come a long way since he has started. Amazing teachers. Very caring and very helpful in every way. Thank you for looking after my son in the best way possible”.

Faize talaT

“My children have the most wonderful time at Lemongrove. It provides a very happy and nurturing space. The staff are supportive and to be honest, just brilliant. They work hard to provide a happy environment with a wide range of engaging activities”.

Anna Sehmi

 “We have had a fantastic experience settling our little boy into Lemongrove. He was a bit of a tricky customer to start with, but all of the ladies always made us feel so comfortable and pretty quickly he was running in to see them! Everyone has been so kind, friendly and helpful and the nursery environment is impressively clean, tidy and well organised. We love that the classes are small and intimate, and we really enjoy the updates we get sent throughout the day, and seeing all of the fun activities he’s getting involved in. We couldn’t be happier and can’t wait for many more happy years at Lemongrove. Thank you to everyone!”

Kyla Vadron

“Lemongrove has become a home from home for our daughter. She has become very attached to many of the staff, who provide excellent care. It feels like caring for children is more than just a job for them. Her confidence and social skills have developed significantly thanks to the environment provided at Lemongrove.”

Gordon Carson

“My daughter started attending Lemongrove aged 11 months. As with any first-time parent, I was extremely nervous about leaving her to return to work. I viewed 5 other local nurseries and chose Lemongrove because (and I know this makes no sense but) it felt more like a home than a nursery. 2 years later and I still feel the same way. My 3-year-old knows the name of every single staff member in the nursery and doesn’t ever pass any of them without them saying hello. Everyone is incredibly friendly, and all appear happy to be there which I think is very important when choosing a nursery.

2 years on and I’m still very happy with my decision. The communication has always been very good and the staff always very attentive. The toddler room staff lead the way with potty training, informing me when they thought she was ready and doing the bulk of the work using reward charts, plenty of encouragement etc. I couldn’t have been happier with how that was handled. The moves from room to room are handled very smoothly and well-coordinated and I’m given plenty of advanced notice and the staff turnover appears to be very low. My daughter absolutely loves it here, she would often tell me how much she loves mummy, daddy and her key worker! I would and have recommended this nursery to many parents. It is a lovely hidden treasure in Bromley, I only wish they ran a school, so my daughter didn’t have to leave.”


“Lemongrove is a rare find and I’m so pleased we found it! My daughter joined the baby room before she could walk and talk, and now she’s jumping around ready for school with a big smile on her face! We initially placed Sienna in another nursery, but she just wasn’t happy there. A few months later, she started at Lemongrove and we haven’t looked back. It feels like one close-knit family, and the level of care, attention and love each and every one of the team has given Sienna helped shape her into the happy and confident child she is today. Thank you so much to you all – you have made a huge difference to our daughter’s development and we are eternally grateful! And Sienna has made friends for life. Please continue all your fantastic work and remember what a difference you make to young and impressionable lives. We’ll always remember you so fondly and will definitely keep in touch.”

Sally Symondson-potter

“My daughter started at Lemongrove when she was just 1 and it has been the most wonderful journey. She settled in straight away and has grown up to be a happy and bubbly little girl. Her natural personality being quite shy, we decided to split nurseries so that she got used to two environments ahead of school and I have to say, she looked forward to her time at Lemongrove every week. As I now have two nurseries to compare, I can honestly say that the care and love the children get at Lemongrove is second to none. Not only do they provide a good learning environment, but they also make it lots of fun for the children. My daughter loved her trips to the farm, the post office, the library and other little memorable experiences she had at Lemongrove. They do an excellent job and put so much effort into any event they organise for the children, be it a nativity play or the graduation, and we have always been extremely impressed. The teachers are always very kind, accommodating and flexible and my daughter has really flourished in her 3 years she’s been there. I am so happy to see her develop into a bright, confident girl and she couldn’t have done it without Lemongrove”.

Lishani Costin